I'm passionate about making things that matter and telling meaningful stories. I believe that the right conversation at the right time can change the world. As an Interactive Producer, I have led dozens of projects along their full life-cycle from initial discovery to launch. Here’s how I approach my role across every stage of development. 

I take the time to understand each of my clients, living and breathing their business. I get to know the client well enough that I could pass as an employee. I put together everything I’ve learned about the client and then turn it into a narrative that is inspiring, exciting, and actionable.

I work with my team to make sure the visual design of the product is aligned with the strategic vision. I work alongside designers and frontend developers to create prototypes and fully-realized designs. I can add valuable perspectives in both technical and design conversations. I enjoy being a partner rather than taking on a strictly “manager” role. 

As technical producer I create sustainable, manageable, and future-friendly technology solutions for projects. During difficult phases of development I serve as the umbrella for the team, leading both team and client to the optimal end solution. I also input content, create last-minute graphic assets, and even code. Things can get tense in the days before launch. That’s why I show up with a smile and a jar of gummy bears! 

For the client, going through the website development process doesn't have to be horrific. It can actually be fun! I consider myself a true partner with each of my clients. I fully realize the weight of their role and how important it is that we create success together. I love sharing the excitement of launching a new website with each of my clients!

Innovation and Teamwork: 
I view my team as its own mini-company. I play an integral role in strengthening the overall company culture by serving as an example and holding myself and team members accountable to living out company values every day. I believe in being a constant student of the world, and I seek out opportunities to mentor and to be mentored.